Sunday, November 29, 2015


I know I haven't written anything this month because school is always getting in the way but today is November 30, 2015 or the last day of November.

It would be a funny thing if I say tomorrow will be December because it is quite obvious, even a kid will know tomorrow is December. 

This is just a quick blogpost because I got nothing to say and all and I don't know what to say because this month is just a big blur to me.

November is actually is one my favorite month in a year, because it is the release month of One Direction's album every year since last 2011.

But aside from that, November's been good to me and probably the best one yet that I've encountered this year.

I have my friends beside me, that makes me happy everyday. 

Bad days can be experienced but happy days are many than the worst ones.

Problems have been encountered but my friends are always here for me, making me happy and all.

if you'll let me compare the last month to this, i'll definitely pick this month. 

my training for the competition for the regionals has already ended and the competition is exactly in a week or in 7 days. 

christmas is already near and the next time i'll be writing here will be about how my 2015 went.

thats all for now I think, i hope i can write next month especially it will be my christmas / new year break. 

i love you 

       § songs that i recommend for yall to listen §
  •  what a feeling by one direction
  • FOOLS by troye sivan
  • Roses  by the chainsmokes ft. rozes
  • sorry by justin bieber
  • secret love song pt. II by little mix
  • water under the bridge by adele

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