Saturday, October 17, 2015


Yesterday, 16th of October in the year 2015, was definitely one of the happiest days in my life.
Despite the things that happened mostly in my 2015, there are just times or days that you just don't want to end because it's the "best" day apparently. 

But yesterday, among the 365 days of this year, I can tell you that it was the most PERFECT and HAPPIEST day of my life (lets exclude the time I saw One Direction...). 

Not just because One Direction's new single 'Perfect' was released yesterday, not only because I got my glasses yesterday but because I won in a contest!!! Not just a contest but its an inter-school competition...

I'm not trying to brag in here or anything but I just wanna share some experiences and maybe some tips that I got from yesterday!

In my life, I never experienced being in a school paper because it was never my thing, I am the type of gal who will pick music over anything. But when my friend and I was looking for a club to join in for the whole school year, we decided to join the football team but then we were too lazy to join *note laughing me here*. Anyways, after the tryout, my friend asked me (the one who told me to join the football team) why I didn't try out I said I was too lazy and too fat (I'm so conscious with my body...) to join.

 After days & weeks of finding out what club we should join in, we still got no clue until one day we thought of joining the school newspaper, as a joke! We agreed to join and try to apply in as me (a photojournalist) and Kim (a cartoonist). We were never serious in applying in that club but when we talked to the adviser of the club, we definitely knew we need to be in this club.

It was a Saturday when we applied in, we were quite nervous because we still don’t have any second choice if we didn’t get in. I applied for photojournalist and the camera that I only have was the camera in my phone but some of my co-appliers have DSLR’s. I was so nervous and too shy to take a picture of what Sir advised me to do and I was literally freaking out.

Two weeks passed and I was in my phone checking twitter, Kim messaged me and said we got in. I was so happy that I got in so does Kim and that’s where it all started..

Fast forward to yesterday, the feeling I had when applying to Herald was back. The nerve-wracking feeling is back and it was making me so crazy. Before the contest starts, I texted my mom and said that we are already at the venue and that we are just waiting for the  contest to start, I also told her that I feel like I’m not going to win any award. But despite having that ugly feeling inside of me, I brushed it off and continue what I need to do and pray to God to guide me.

After 5 hours of lay-outing, writing news, feature, editorial, sports, cartooning, taking pictures and photo captioning, we finally finished the output product and we are so grateful for that! We prayed to God once again and thanked Him for everything.

3 hours later, the ceremony finally started and that’s where the feeling came back to me again!! I can tell you that, that feeling was absolutely the worst. But all the stressful thinking and the hard work my team did, it was all worth it. And guess what, that ugly feeling never came back and truly vanished and was replaced with a very happy feeling that I never felt in a very long time!
Going home but my smile on my face never faded, my love for this club is so true and that I even told myself that maybe I shouldn’t leave this club next year, that this will be my second family after all. Friendships were discovered and love for each other was gained and it was definitely one of the best, ever!

Hard work and trust to each other will make you succeed! Maybe you can do it on your own but trust me it is so much better if you have others to guide, to catch and to help you wherever you go!

(P.s. Kim didn’t join the press conference because she was sick and need to rest for a month.) 

These are some of the tips I learned from yesterday that I gladly want to share to you and help you for everyday 
  •        Trust your group mates. In order to finish the assigned work.
  •        Friendship will be gained if you will communicate with them.
  •        Focus. To finish the work on time. Cramming is the worst!
  •        Unity. In order for you to understand each other, you need to have unity.
  •        Hard work. Hardworking will make you pursue your dreams.
  •        Love your team. Just do it!
  •        Don’t doubt yourself and your abilities.
  •        Think on the bright side.
  •        Trusting yourself is very important wherever you go.

  •                     Faith in God.

I hope those tips will help you even though those are very common. But anyways, this will end up here, hope you enjoyed reading…!